Responsive design

Let’s start with numbers. According to a 2015 study done by Catalyst and GroupM Next, 68% of Canadian’s have a smartphone, versus 55% in the previous year. And mobile users are as active at home as they are on the go. Some are even more active at home. And of course, Millennials are more active on mobile than older generations.

What does this mean for you?

Your online content must be responsive. Building responsive websites and using media query hacks to design responsive emails are beyond important.

Imagine someone does a Google search on their iPhone, tablet or Android device only to find your site doesn’t appear property. What do you think they will do? The answer is: move on and find something with a better user experience.

Depending on your tech comfort level, I can create a beautiful responsive website in WordPress (more customizable, more complex) or Wix (less customizable, more user-friendly for the less techie). And using MailChimp, I can customize your newsletter or eBlast templates. That way, you can continue to manage the site on your own and add great content to your main page, blog or newsletters without the support of a developer.

Other services offered:
Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Paid Search, Display Advertising, Analytics reporting and recommendations.

Depending on your needs and budget, I can manage or set you up with Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Tag Manager accounts.