As a seasoned international speaker, Joelle is passionate about sharing strategies and tactics to improve customer experiences through the right combination of insight, content, and technology. Topics include growth marketing, image and visual search optimization, social commerce, augmented reality, and eCommerce SEO. Scroll to see past decks and recordings. Sign up to stay informed of upcoming events.

Growth Festival | October 1, 2021

#StartupLife: Scaling Fast with a Micro Team

After almost a year working at a high-growth, pre-seed stage startup, Joelle shares what’s expected of a marketer working at an early-stage startup, the biggest challenges in year one, how to prioritize short vs. long-term goals, how to balance brand awareness vs. client acquisition goals, and when to experiment vs. sticking to what works.

The live session was on October 1, 2021.

Turn Digi | July 2, 2020

Boosting Product Discovery for SMBs

With many small (and local) businesses recently adapting to selling online, it can be hard to compete with those that have been doing it for years. In this session, Joelle shares opportunities for smaller brands and their products to be discovered in search and the best way to implement them.

The live session was on July 2, 2020. Links below to see the full agenda, view replay, and access the slide deck on SlideShare.

Ecommerce SEO Summit | June 26, 2020

Glow Up: Visual Search Optimization for the New Online Shopper

As brands look for effective ways to adapt their online strategies, search engines and platforms continuously introduce new features to improve discovery and user experience. How do these shifts affect consumer behaviour and expectations? And where does visual search fit into this ever-evolving ecosystem? Using examples from Google and Pinterest, Joelle shares how image optimization and tech integrations can improve the overall consumer experience from discovery and evaluation to checkout and beyond. She also imparts actionable tactics to implement visual search strategies so that your shoppers can find that perfect style they just can’t put into words.

The live session was on June 26, 2020. Links below to register for a post-conference pass, view replay, and access the slide deck on SlideShare.

SEO From Home | June 4, 2020

Enhance Shopping Experiences via Image Optimization

Joelle shares opportunities for retail brands to increase visibility, help their customers find what they’re looking for, and drive results through visual eCommerce SEO strategies. She also imparts actionable tips to optimize images and associated product data to boost discovery, reduce friction, and streamline shopping experiences on Google and Pinterest.

The live session was on June 4. Links below to view the recording on YouTube and access the slide deck on SlideShare.

Social Media Week ONE | May 21, 2020

From discovery to checkout: Don’t let them leave you on read

Understanding how social shopping behavior is evolving, Joelle shares strategies and actionable tactics to engage your audience from discovery to purchase, using examples and tools from Instagram and Pinterest.

The live session was on May 21. The recording is available for six months for attendees.

If you would like to see it, get in touch.

MozCon | July 2019

Joelle Irvine, Digital Marketing Speaker

Get The Look: Improve the Shopper Experience with Visual Search Optimization

Joelle spoke about improving the shopper experience through optimizing images for visual search at MozCon. It was the first time that visual search was presented at the conference.

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