An Ungated Content Strategy for Quality Leads

Devised and developed an ungated content strategy to increase traffic and improve lead quality for Bookmark, a global WPP content and communications agency.


• Increase visibility
• Improve the branded experience for the agency’s audience
• Improve lead quality
• Increase SQLs


• Adapted reports and guides from PDF to digital first
• Eliminated forms to download report
• Introduced a highly targeted ‘insights’ newsletter to share reports, guides, infographics and related industry insights only
• Introduced and implemented a digital PR-first approach to maximize distribution
• Created short explainer videos to make it easy to share
• Included anonymous tracking of interests for future report topics
• Reduced the number of automated email workflows to save time and keep things simple

Experiential Marketing Industry Report promo video


My team and I had noticed that fewer media and news hubs were open to sharing gated content. This strategy enabled us to maximize distribution through targeted outreach, social media and industry newsletters. It also reduced the total number of monthly leads, but only highly interested and engaged visitors signed-up for the insights newsletter.

• These subscribers were 43% more likely to become MQLs
• Increased traffic by 546% YoY
• Increased SQLs by 200% YoY

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Image credit: Bookmark Content and Communications