Engaging Marketers with Educational Content

Devised and implemented a new insights hub with educational content and insights to support marketers in the industry on behalf of Bookmark, a global WPP content and communications agency


• Become a trusted industry resource for marketers
• Increase awareness about the agencies services and expertise
• Drive subscriptions to the agency’s newsletter and social media follows to continue the conversation
• Increase new business inquiries from qualified leads


Planned and implemented an inbound marketing strategy to drive awareness, engagement and new business inquiries, which included:
• Created content to educate marketers on topics related to content and communications, like content mapping, content auditing, SEO
• Researched trending topics and presented them as data stories: animated and interactive infographics and white papers
• Created industry reports on topics relating to the agency’s services
• Transitioned to an ungated content and digital PR-first strategy in late 2019 to increase distribution, simplify processes and generate higher quality leads


• Newsletter subscriptions increased by 30% YoY
• Increased SQLs by 1,000% within the first year
• New ungated content and digital PR strategy led to an increase in traffic of 546% and 200% additional leads

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Image credit: Bookmark Content and Communications