Loyalty Program for Retention and Growth

Created a multi-channel marketing strategy to increase engagement, knowledge, bookings and retention through a B2B loyalty program for Air Canada Vacations.


• Educate and incentivize Travel Agents to book online
• Engage audience with content and communications to drive retention
• Increase loyalty program subscriptions


A new Marcom strategy and digital transformation:
• Worked with product and revenue management teams to offer incentives for joining program
• Reduced number of daily communications: consolidating 10+ emails that included PDF flyers to one daily e-newsletter
• Worked closely with IT, eCommerce and designers to provide Travel Agents with a way to easily print promotions directly from the Air Canada Vacations portal (and the result to be as attractive as the PDF flyers)
• Facilitated process of daily newsletter production with a new process, a shared document for a group of over 30 contributors, and an automation program to pull data into newsletter template daily
• Introduced a cost effective email tool to deploy content, track subscribers and their interests
• Onboarded and trained all team members, and oversaw change management to ensure success
• Worked with Sales to create a process to merge newsletter and internal databases
• Provided Travel Agents and internal sales team with opportunities to provide feedback at different stages

The ‘Daily Buzz’ Travel Agent Newsletter


• Drove demand generation, surpassing revenue targets in Canada & UK
• Secured the agency’s first two scalable clients in the US and achieved market penetration in Asia
• Increased SQLs by 1,000% within the first year
• Acquired local map packs in Google and Bing for industry related keywords in key markets
• Acquired a knowledge panel for Bookmark through digital PR and local SEO strategy
• New digital PR strategy led to an increase in traffic of 546% and leads by 200%

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Image credit: Air Canada Vacations