Content Marketing Campaign to Attract Top Talent

Created and developed a fun and engaging content marketing campaign to attract top talent for a high-profile position for Air Canada enRoute


• Increase visibility and applicants for the Air Canada enRoute Editor-in-Chief position
• Showcase what’s unique about the brand and the role in a fun way
• Create industry buzz


• Created a multi-channel content marketing strategy to attract the best candidates for the role
• The campaign included custom landing pages for applicants to apply and allow others to send personalized recommendations
• The team invited influencers in the industry to recommend qualified experts in their networks
• The campaign also included a fun and engaging social strategy complete with 20 second video (as seen below)
• The design was fun, poppy with more than a splash of millennial pink

The Next enRoute editor-in-chief promo video


The campaign had over 91,000 social media impressions from across Canada, and attracted over 218 candidates over a three-week period.

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Image credit: Bookmark Content and Communications